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Monday, July 16th 2012

3:24 AM

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Related article: Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 19:54:12 +1000 From: The Haydster Subject: College Mates - Chapter 7PLEASE write to me at thehaydsteryahoo.com.auDISCLAIMER: This story contains stories of homosexual love between young men. If this content is illegal, or you are not of legal age to read it, do not continue. If this material is offensive to you, do not continue.THANKS: Thanks to everyone for reading. Please email me with ideas and comments. Constructive criticism is welcomedCOPYRIGHT TheHaydster, 2006. This material may be displayed by nifty.org, and may be downloaded for personal reading. preteens thai All other rights are reserved.Chapter 7 -- Susan's reactionTim suggested that we find her the next day, before he lost his nerve, and decided against it. Actually, he suggested we do it before he came to his senses and changed his mind.We went over to St. Marks at eight the next morning, as the college doesn't allow visitors till then. It is like a rabbit warren in there, and we got totally lost. We were just about to follow the exit signs so we could at least get out, when we heard "Dan! Tim! Get in here QUICK!" in an urgent whisper. We turned around to find Susan standing in a doorway nearby. We went in, and she closed the door. "Are you guys idiots? You know you're not allowed in here unaccompanied. I don't want you banned from here" she hissed angrily."Actually Susan, we didn't know about that rule." I replied"Ok, now you know. Anyway, why were you here in the first place?""We were looking for you. We have something to tell you and we need your help with your rumour power.""Let me guess, you two are together and you want me to stop rumours about it?""How the hell did you know that?" Tim burst out, a look of horror on his face."I have known Dan since he was born, and I can tell. It was pretty obvious.""Still, I mean preteen nude naturlist ..."Susan was hiding a smirk, I could tell. "Ok Susan, spill it, what's so funny""You two were holding hands in the corridor!" She burst out laughing.We looked at each other with looks of horror. "Don't worry guys, it'll be all right. I'll quash any rumours about it. If anyone preteen love forums comments, I dared you to do it.""Thanks Susan.""It's preteen post forum ok guys. Want to get out somewhere? I need to get out, and I bet that you need to as well... Well, you only need to be out in one way" She smirked."Susan!" We blushed."Calm down guys, I think it's great that you two finally faced the truth"Susan dragged us to Queen Street Mall in the city (part of Queen Street is pedestrians only). I should have known that she would have taken us there, as it has the biggest shopping centre in town, called The Myer Centre. "Now we're in for it" I whispered to Tim, "she's taking us shopping". "Hey! I heard that! Anyway, Dan, you have fashion sense", Susan retorted.We were dragged into Myer, and Susan immediately headed for the ladies casual clothes section. While we trailed behind her she swanned down the racks of clothes, occasionally picking an item of clothing off the racks. One of the few blessings about Susan's shopping is that she knows exactly what she wants and she will only get it if she is sure it suits her. It turned out that was where Tim and I came in. We waited outside while she tried on about 20 different outfits, and had to give her our opinions. Personally, I think she looked good in any of them. Hey, I may be gay, but I can appreciate female beauty when I see it.Eventually Susan chose 2 outfits and we both heaved an audible sigh of relief. "Now it's your turn guys". "Well, you both need at least one new set of clothes" Susan told us in a don't-contradict-me voice. "Anyway, then you can choose something that drives the other crazy" she added under her breath making us both blush as red as apples.So the three of us went on to the men's section, where Dan and I chose a set of clothes each. We went into the fitting rooms to preteen nubile nudist try them on and they were deserted, so we went into the same cubicle. "Oh childporn underage preteen Dan, I love you soo much" Tim whispered to me. "I love you too Tim" I replied in a whisper. He leaned towards me and our lips touched. What we meant to be a quick kiss turned into a long passion filled lip-lock. Eventually, about after a minute, we broke apart and got into the new preteen panties net clothes.As soon as we walked out, Susan said "Dan, your collar is up at the back" She walked over and fixed it up, while whispering "Try not to kiss in the fitting rooms, nudism to preteens your expressions are too obvious afterwards." At this, we looked at each other and grinned sheepishly.Once we had changed back into hardcore fucking preteens the clothes we were wearing (stopping for a quick kiss), we escaped Myer, much to our relief. We went to a game arcade, while Susan decided to go to all the girly shops in the Myer Centre.Dan & I had the best time at the arcade, we were pretty evenly matched in most of the stuff. Well, preteen hentay actually he was much better in the racing games, and rubbed it in a bit. I couldn't help laughing, when I whipped him in pinball though.We were playing this game where you have to step on squares when they come up on the screen (a sort of dancing game) when we both received a slap on the bum. "Hey, lover boys" "Susie, have you no shame? I nearly jumped out of my skin" I replied. "Dan, you know I hate being called Susie!""Well, at least it may stop you doing that again" Tim chuckled when I said that."Ok, I surrender. Have you guys finished? I have." innocent teens preteen She was carrying about 5 shopping bags. "Looks like she only did a small shop today, normally we need a freight truck." I mumbled to Tim. Unfortunately, Susan intercepted it and fired back "You know I rarely go shopping, shall I mention that incident at Surfers Paradise?"I turned red as a fire engine with that one. I swear Susan will never let me forget that. One day when I was in grade 12, Susan's family and my family decided to go to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast for a long weekend. I found this great clothes shop, it had some stuff I had never seen before, and I spent a lot more, and I mean a LOT more, than I should have. So whenever I tell Susan she's spending too much, she reminds me of that incident."Oh, I see there is a story behind this", Tim put in, smirking, "Guys, lets go back to college." Thankful for being saved any further embarrassment, I exited the arcade with the others and we hopped on the next bus home.PLEASE write to me at thehaydsteryahoo.com.au. Flames will be ignored.
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Monday, July 16th 2012

12:00 AM

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